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If you are a teacher then you probably know how hard it is to get all the students in your class to stay concentrated. The age-old method of teaching does not only make the process of learning boring and unfruitful, it also does not guarantee that all the students that are being taught get the topic correctly. In today’s digital age, it is very important that we adopt some advanced techniques in order to make learning an easy process and also to make sure that whatever is being taught in the class caters to all the students equally in an informative way so that the time spent in teaching does not seem wasted.One of the best tools for teachers that I have come across recently is Kahoot.

What is Kahoot?

Kahoot is an online-based free game platform specifically aimed at teachers to create a fun learning experience for all the students in the classroom. The main objective of Kahoot is to make learning a playful and fun event.

How does Kahoot Work?

Interested to know more about Kahoot?

Keep reading to find how Kahoot works.


kahoot it sign in

The first process of getting into the Kahoot experience is to do the Kahoot Sign in. Below is how to do the Kahoot Sign in easily.

  • First of all, if you are a new user, launch the Kahoot Sign-in page on any web browser.
  • Now, there are four different account types that you can choose from.
    2. Student.
    3. Socially.
    4. Work. The “Teacher” and “Student” account types are self-explanatory as these are the accounts that you have to create as a teacher and student respectively, to begin with, the Kahoot experience. However, the “Socially” and “Work” account types are for those who is neither a teacher nor a student but still wants to have a look into Kahoot.
    Picking the correct account type is really important while creating a Kahoot Sign-in account as each account type have a specific set of features and functionalities unique to it and picking the right account type will gain you access to all the awesome features that Kahoot supports.
  • Once you pick the account type, then you have several different options to create a new account. You can sign up for Kahoot using your existing Google account credentials. 2. You can sign up for Kahoot using your existing Microsoft account credentials.
    3. Or you can directly use your Email address to create an account.
  • After you have created a new Kahoot sign-in account or if you already have created a Kahoot sign-in account, then you can go ahead and log in using your existing account credentials by launching the Kahoot Sign in page.

After you have created an account, then as a teacher you can create learning oriented games in a matter of minutes. The games that you create using the Kahoot tool are called, well, “Kahoots”. Kahoots are simple quiz games which can either be a set of MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions). You can also create a “Jumble” game, which is something new the team behind Kahoot have come up with. We will be discussing Jumble in detail later in this article.

There are no restrictions on the number of questions or the content of each question. You can create as many questions you want depending on the time you have with your students and you can also pick diagrams, pictures, and videos from your own library to add into the questions that you create in order to make them more interesting and involving.

Apart from creating unique Kahoots, you can also go through the millions of existing Kahoots creating by other users and pick anyone from them if they match your requirement. The Kahoot game experience is specially tailored to be played in a group environment which is perfect for something like a classroom activity.


kahoot.it sign in

After you create a game, you will then receive a unique game code that each individual player can enter on their devices after signing in to their respective Kahoot sign-in account to access the specific game. After joining the game, each individual player answers the questions on their own respective devices, however, the overall gameplay is shared across all the devices playing the game so as to create a unified gaming experience.

What is Kahoot Jumble?

In the above section, we mentioned that while creating a quiz, you can either opt for the regular MCQ type questionnaire or opt for the Jumble type, which is a relatively newer quiz technique from the team at Kahoot.

Well, Jumble can be termed as an extended version of the normal MCQ type questions that Kahoot already supports. The “Jumble” type of quiz is aimed at making the students more attentive and focused while playing the game and also to promote a level of higher order thinking.

In the regular MCQ type questions, players are required to pick the right answers from the options provided along with the question. However, with the Jumble type questions, all the answers provided as options with the question will be relevant to the question itself and the player needs to place them in order of relevance to the question instead of picking a single correct answer.

How to create Kahoot Jumble?

Above we had mentioned how to create the normal MCQ questions using Kahoot. However, if you are interested in creating the Kahoot Jumble game, then below is how you can create the same.

  1. After you finish the Kahoot sign in, click on the “New K!” option that you see in the main menu and from the options that then appear, click on the icon that says “Jumble”.
  2. Now you will have to fill in the necessary details to create the Kahoot Jumble quiz. The necessary information is similar to the ones that you would enter if you create a normal Kahoot MCQ quiz and it includes a title, the description of the game with tags, the target audience, and a cover image.
  3. Now add the questions that you would like to feature in the Kahoot Jumble quiz.
  1. Click on the “Save” button.
  2. Get the players to start playing the game, and that’s it.

Why use Kahoot?

There are indeed many other tools to organize classroom activities out there, but what makes Kahoot different?

Below are some of the unique reasons why every classroom should have the Kahoot experience built right into the learning process.

  1. Kahoot makes learning more dynamic.

As a teacher, you can specifically decide on what all parts of any specific topic to include while preparing questions using Kahoot. This not only allows teachers to analyze what portion of the classroom has understood the lessons but also makes it easier to understand the range of the students in terms of understanding so as to prepare future classes.

  1. Kahoot helps students improve their social skills.

As all the students are being part of a single game and sharing the same progress throughout the game, it improves the social skills of the students. It helps the students to be a better part of social and group activities and also allows them to be more patient and responsible when being part of a social or group activity. Moreover, teachers can encourage students to create their own kahoots so as to test how well the students have understood the topic taught in the classroom.

  1. Kahoot helps students remember topics better.

By creating regular quizzing sessions using Kahoot, teachers can urge students to be more competitive in the quiz events so as to gain a better score than the previous attempt. In this manner, students will be motivated and will work harder compared to the previous attempt to attain a better score and as a result, will put in more effort to understand the topics taught in the classroom.

Also, Kahoot quizzing sessions can also be conducted regularly as surprise tests to refresh the memories of topics taught in the past in the minds of the students so that they do not forget them.

How to do Kahoot Sign in using the Kahoot Mobile App?

Just recently the team at Kahoot released applications for Android and iOS-powered devices to make it more convenient and easy for people to get started with Kahoot.

Below are some of the features of the Kahoot app for Android and iOS.

  • Replay games for as long as you want.
    Not always can all of your students attain the perfect score while playing the Kahoot quiz games. As practice is the best way to learn, understand and remember topics, replaying the game is the best option. The Kahoot mobile app for Android and iOS will let you retake any previous games and there is no time limit on until when you can access the previous games. Which means, you can play a game during the regular class Kahoot sessions and then retake the same game to reinforce your knowledge on the topic as exam approaches.
  • Challenge other players.
    If you think that you have attended a challenging quiz that may be of interest to other players that you know, you can challenge them to take the same quiz. You can not only share the challenge within the Kahoot mobile app but also choose to share the challenge via popular social networks and messaging services.
  • Check all your previous game stats.
    Once you login to the Kahoot mobile app, you can then get an overview of all your previous games like the game results, the number of games that you have played so far and out of the total games played how many you have won so far. Also, as all the games that you play within your account are recorded in the application, you can go ahead and retake any game you want at any time.
  • Check your track record.
    For all the games that you manage to win, you will be awarded medals within Kahoot and you can see the total number of medals won right within the application.
  • Auto disables device screensaver.
    While playing games, there may be certain questions for which some grace time is allotted for group discussion. Whenever you are playing any game with the Kahoot app, the screensaver of your device gets disabled automatically so that while you are playing the game and the device is left idle, your screensaver does not hinder your gaming experience.

How to access Kahoot on devices that do not run on Android or iOS?

If you are having a mobile device that does not run the Android or iOS operating systems, then you can get all the features of Kahoot and the Kahoot mobile app by launching the site “kahoot.it” on your mobile device’s web browser.

The site is specifically tailored to provide a fast experience of the Kahoot application right within the web browser for devices that run on operating systems other than Android and iOS. Even if the Kahoot app cannot be installed on your Android or iOS device due to any reason, you can still access the application and its features by using the Kahoot.it website.

Final Words

Hope you found this in-depth review of the Kahoot online learning tool and guide on how to do Kahoot sign in informative and helpful. If you are already using Kahoot, then do share the experience with the tool below as comments so that people who are new to the tool can get a better insight into what the Kahoot experience actually is.


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